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The First Day of the Prezi Presentations

These were some of the students names who presented. 

Qaeesa I thought you did a great job when did your colors of your font and great pictures. 

Kayla I thought you did a great job when you put a lot of videos in your prezi to describe your reasons it really made me want to go. It also was very long and had a long description. 

Yaa-Sin I thought you did a great job when you explained your reasons 

Brianna I thought you did a great job with your colors and pictures 
Natonya I thought you did very well with your pictures 

But overall everyone did great. Everyone came in professionally dressed and everyone had great pictures in their prezi about their dream vacation. Also great description of what you can do in their vacation country and city

computer issues


Prezi Blog

Today in tech class I was working on my prezi, for my dream vacation project. It’s not my #1 dream vacation but it’s one of them.

TODAY IN TECH CLASS THE COMPUTERS FIGHT BACK TO TAKE CONTROL OF THE EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Exploring Google Maps

Today in tech class I was discovering Google Map. I used Google Maps for the fun of it at home. But here in tech class I used it for a project I’ve been working on for a while now. 

My Translation Project

Today in tech class I was working on translating the language from my dream vacation which is in Madrid,Spain into English. Sorry I can’t finish my post so good bye .

What I did today in Technology class today on 9/29/11 

Today in Tech class, I was continuing to work on my Budget project for my dream vacation trip in Madrid,Spain. Here at Team Academy we do a lot of cool things in Tech class. But that’s besides the point, here in tech class I was researching a lot of things about Madrid,Spain.But I have to go to class now I will talk more about my project soon. Bye. 

Project Blog

9/27/11. Which is today on a Tuesday. In tech class I was working on a budget project. It’s suppose to be the continuation of my vacation project which is hard work but fun. In tech class today I was looking up a lot things people would interested in if they go to my dream vacation in Madrid, Spain.If you want to see my projects call Team Academy Charter School or come here just look us up on Google.com. 

Time Zones

Today in tech class, I learned how to research what time it is in my destination city.

Facts about my city:

In Madrid, Spain it is 6 hours ahead than in Newark.

According to the weather in Madrid,Spain you should wear long sleeves or light jackets, sometimes shorts and a short sleeve shirts.Maybe a football jersey :)

Flight Planning

The ”MOST EXPENSIVE” flight to my destination in Madrid,Spain is in June 1-4, 2012 which is $5069.

The ” least expensive” flight to my destination in Madrid,Spain is $787, from October 1-3,2011.

To be on the safe side I will choose the cheapest flight which is $787!